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The Totality Of Unconditional Cosmic Love


As we shift our old self from 2018, let us move towards the new self by transcending our thoughts to a higher vibration of unconditional love. You will then see & feel the essence & change within. Surrender into this very moment of now & let go of all negative thought forms & fears that you may carry while embracing the new with an open heart of much faith & trust knowing all is falling into place in divine order. Fear brings you closer to truth. Be gentle on yourself by embracing compassion for you.


2019 is a 3 year in numerology 2+0+1+9=12 ( 1+2=3) 3 represents moving in a new direction with soul, it’s a big shift if you are ready. Go with what is flowing & embrace the new energy that is coming forth with optimism. You may have seen already that some of your creative projects are starting to show signs of manifestation. It’s another big year to manifest things instantly, so watch your thoughts. This energy will bring us forth with more authenticity with relationships to align you more with your soul tribe of genuinely & honesty, pay attention.

The Leo blood wolf moon of the eclipse was on January 20-21 & was very healing & powerful. I loved this energy. It aligned & grounded us much better. The energy brought us back to December 1982, January 2018 & February 2017.Reflect back upon that time to see what the theme was and what you were going through etc.Remove any negative toxicity that you may have been through during that time which had caused blockages in your chakras & let it go ! Move forward with grace & ease & trust the process.When you work with the energy of the planets, it can truly give you a better understand what is going on and needs to be re set & healed etc,.eclipse moon


2018 was a huge year of healing for me with my family who I had not spoken to for many years. Crisis came up & I jumped into the “fire” to transmute & transform as I knew this was the right time to clear the air and pain that I held deeply in my heart & soul for to long. I contacted my brother Greg & said I am here to help mom as her health was deteriorating and we needed to move & transfer her to another facility that was better for her condition. While I was packing up her place, I went to visit her at the hospital and when I walked into her room, her whole life flashed in front of me and I saw her soul from the time she was born until that very moment Tears came to my eyes and a lump in my throat. I was filled up with unconditional love looking at her fragile state. She had been suffering for a long time. I hugged her & told her I loved her & said everything is going to be OK.We have since moved her to a new facility etc.

On September 15,I lost my dear friend Fred to cancer. He was suffering for a long time and I felt sad and at peace when he passed. The next morning my best friend Terry called & said he is at stage 4 cancer and has 3 months to live. I was in complete shock and fell to the floor and bruised my ribs. It took me 3 weeks to properly breathe in & out .I’ve known Terry since I was 6 years old. Terry was such an amazing friend, I could talk to him about anything anytime, he was always there for me. He was a talented artist who I had on my show Soul Work on Shaw TV to show case his talent. Terry passed away 3 months to the date Dec 17 2018 & I will truly miss our daily talks and coffee’s. So much love, memories etc will forever be in my heart. I love you Blanch! (Blanch was our nick name towards each other)terry painting

I teach monthly full moon meditations and on the night of the meditation the same week Terry passed, one of the guys said he felt a presence strongly and the candle started to flick non stop to where I had to blow out the flame, it was Terry .The guy did not know that Terry passed away. The next meditation night was Jan 21 and one of the girls said oh look at the Valentine Heart you painted as it was on my easel. I had painted that for Terry a few months ago and gave it to him and told him how we are connected through the heart regardless where we both end up. This was before he was diagnosed. I started teaching the meditation and felt Terry standing beside me holding my hand, it was very moving and I almost broke down in tears. We are always connected in spirit! Unconditional cosmic love.

I held back my filming projects that I had planned in 2018 as I was getting many signs from spirit that it was not the right time as I had many things to heal & resolve. Divine timing came forth at the right time and I filmed my first film on January 15 in the Alberta Rocky Mountain at a private location with the very talented Camera man Shae Paterson who specializes in filming documentaries. He coincidentally had that day off & was in Calgary as he films out of the country.Shae picked me up & off we went to the mountains. Filming flowed perfectly with a surprising end to the film. I sure felt my dads spirit with me there. I want to say thank you to Shae as I appreciated his time & energy he put into filming this for me. I am truly forever grateful! Thank you again. This would not of been possible without my dear friend Damien Mustaphi with Full Aperture Productions. Thank you for such positive support & wisdom in helping me put this together. I am over whelmed with much gratitude! To see Damiens talent go to and stay tuned for my film release! Filming is my passion & I have many films I want to do!shae canmore


I was then scouted by Raw Artist from Toronto to show case my paintings & do mini readings at the Marquee in Calgary on January 17.I was honoured to be asked to be apart of this amazing opportunity & had such a great time. To see my art go to Thank you Raw! You rock!raw art pic


Another adventure awaits me in March. I am off to the Big Island & Maui for a healing & to visit friends. Stay tuned for my journey there! Remember to stay aligned & be grounded & do not force or control things to happen, go with the flow and make a vision board for 2019 & make it happen! Change is constant and the only thing you have control over is yourself nothing else.Dont waste time fighting battles that do not matter & get rid of negative distractions & be at peace. If you are interested in coming to my full moon meditation group, let me know. Meditation is training the mind with daily practice how to de clutter our thought forms & transcend in order to hear your soul speak. We align our group consciousness as one to get the clarity we need to shift and move forward with unconditional love & compassion together.

Aloha !

Om Shanti Om




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