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Past Life, Akashic Records, Reincarnation & Karma

...or even they say "looking back into the library to see the records".  What does this actually mean?

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In Sanskrit words it represents "Karma". Well it's all the same thing just written differently in esoteric tongue that's all. It is a voyage of discovery into your soul's previous incarnations. We choose who we come back as in every life time, either as a male or female to help resolve issues that our soul needs to resolve in order to clear past life karmic issues that are still lingering within our soul in order for our soul to evolve stronger within our spiritual being. The more we understand who we were in our previous incarnations, the better it is to help us come to terms with many things that are still going on with our present life including our emotional,physical,mental & spiritual energetic self. We carry our vibrational energy forth from our cellular memories. Cellular memory carries forward all of our experiences in our souls previous life times.

Do you have any unusual birth marks on your body?

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Sometimes we are reincarnated with a scar, birthmark etc & that can represent a clue to your past life and what part of the body it is on. It could also represent how you passed away in your past life. I for instance have a large birthmark on my stomach by my lungs and that's how I passed away in one of my past lives. When I touch it, there is no feeling but I can feel the energy and see what happened. Its all so interesting indeed. Do you feel you cannot wear any turtle neck or tight sweaters and do not understand why ? Well, you could of been hung in a past life or strangled etc,ponder on that. Our conscious mind is reacting to not only to all the input from this life but also from within our souls previous incarnations. Its a ancient mystical metaphorical event which goes back into the beginning of theosophy.

When you are clearing past life karmic issues, it can be very painful on many energetic levels

dreamstime 15When your walking the spiritual path, you may have friends, family and co workers who try and pull you back because you are changing and they are having a hard time coming to terms with seeing you being different. Do not allow anyone to tell you how you should live your life and tell you who you are. There is no need to defend who you are at all. My attitude is "This is who I am. Take it or leave it!  It's your issues, not mine."

You are the only one who knows who you truly are. I had a family member tell me recently I don't know who I am because I haven't met myself yet and I fell off the chair with laughter because they have never known who I truly am & never will come to terms with it. They all just judged me so I distanced myself from them many years ago, for many reasons. I would rather be alone than be around anyone who judges me or treats me with any type of disrespect. You must be true to who you are & listen to your own truth... hear your own soul speak.

Your Soul will speak to you

dreamstime 26You will meet many people from your previous incarnations in your current life and will know them by having that 'feeling' of "I know them from somewhere," yet haven't met them before in this life. You may feel so comfortable with them even though you just met.

People come into our lives for many reasons. One is to teach us a hard lesson we need to learn or to help us move forward on our evolutional journey with our soul. It's up to you to chose which way to go by listening to your gut instinct and or intuition. That's the soul that speaks to you, only if you pay attention.

Profound evolutional awakenings

dreamstime 20When someone books an appointment with me, I always bring up past life issues that their soul needs to resolve to help them move forward on a profound evolutional awakening. I will explain to you why you have met this person with the reasoning behind it and what you will share with this person, reguardless if its a friend, lover, family member or co-worker, etc. There is no such thing as "coincidences" when you meet someone. It's all about 'The Law Of Attraction'.

Many people ask me, "Is this my soul mate?" I will be very blunt about what I see and tell you who that person is and where the relationship will go. I will then leave it up to you to decide what your soul needs to learn from the experience. Some readers will tell you they see someone coming into your life and how wonderful the connection will be and how they see marriage etc. The difference with me is that I will tell you exactly what I see, who this person is to you from a past life, where I see the relationship going and what lessons they will teach you and how it is not going to work out or if it will indeed work out. I will provide you with many details to pay attention to along your journey. I will not put any false hopes into your head about how this is your soul mate because you will then attach yourself to them, possibly get married and self-destruct. Since I've learnt many lessons the hard way, I will give you as much clarity as I can.

Each one of us has many lessons to learn and its up to you to make that decision either way

dreamstime 18Even if you decide to pursue this new relationship that makes your heart all warm and fuzzy that's ok even if the relationship does not work out. Your soul needed to resolve that karmic situation with that person from your past life and or for growth. I will show you how you can heal and resolve the energy of this person so you can walk forward with your head held high with a peace of mind knowing you have indeed resolved this karmic situation so it doesn't come back next life time again. When we learn lessons its usually painful. It's how you look at the situation and what your soul has truly learnt is the main focus. I will take a negative situation and turn it into a positive situation of what my soul has learnt from the lesson.

Most of the time when we meet someone from our past life they have come back to either teach us a painful lesson or to help our soul's evolution grow into a higher level of consciousness to help each other in many energetic ways. We could of been with them in a previous life and the relationship did not work out, or it wasn't the right time for us to be together. Perhaps in your current lifetime, the time to be together is now. There are many reasons behind this and I will explain this to you with what I see to give you clarity.

It's the same thing with co-workers who we meet, friends etc especially family members we are brought back with. We come back with family members to clear karmic issues with. Take a look at your family situation. It doesn't matter if that specific family member has not come to terms with your relationship with them, as long as you have done the soul work with each family member within your own soul and have come to terms with who they really are and why you have come back in this lifetime with them, that's all that truly matters. I will teach you how you can resolve each situation with each family member. You then will of resolved the karmic work to leave your soul at peace. You can choose to stay with family and work things out or you can make the decision to cut the previous karmic ties that bind you down with their drama and negativity towards you and or others. Each person has their own journey to go through after all.

Have you ever felt yourself drawn to a certain culture, language, religion, country or even a career?

dreamstime 21When anyone feels a strong pull to anything, most of the times its a past life issue that is coming to surface so you can indeed clear it, or you can choose to stay with the energy to excel in it and or if need be, clear it at another time when your truly ready. Lets say for example, if you were a doctor in a past life, you could come back in this life time and again be a doctor, you would get a strong pull to study the medical field again and do well in it because you subconsciously already knew it with your souls past incarnation. People might say why do you want to travel to that country? Why are you now listening to that type of cultural music for? Why are you drawn to that type of person? Well, its your soul that is pulling you to the familiarity from cellular memory. A deja vu experience. Listen to your "Guru" within your own being that's the soul that speaks. Its trying to tell you something so its vitally important to spend good quality time alone in order to hear that voice within.

"The Fearless Warrior Moves Forward Fearlessly"

dreamstime 16In my readings & esoteric teachings, I will explain to you who you were in previous incarnations, why you have come back, what your souls plan is this lifetime, and help you come to terms with what karmic issues needs to be resolved in order to move forward so you may find peace within your heart and soul.Ive seen many of my own past reincarnations on a very painful profound level and have spent many years clearing karmic relationships with family, friends and relationships with partners. It's not easy but it must be done to bring a sense of peace of mind so you do not repeat these painful lessons in your next lifetime, if you are indeed coming back or not. I had to come to terms with many things in my life and call myself "The Fearless Warrior Moves Forward Fearlessly ". I've spent alot of time alone so I could indeed resolve past life issues with situations. We all suffer in our own way and if I can help you come to terms with things and show you how you can do the Soul Work that is needed, you will find that you will understand your current situations much better and why things have happened the way they did and why you have certain people in your life.

Have you ever had a dream that you were a female or male in another life?

dreamstime 22Have you felt like you have been to another country before but yet haven't been to that country in your current life ? Have you watched movies from history and been drawn to the war, Viking days, felt like you were a king or queen ? etc.All these questions are real indeed. I will inform you who you were and you'd be surprised of how familiar that feels to you. Some of my clients can even see who they were in their past life and I will help you open up your "3rd eye" to see who you truly were from a past life when you are ready to explore etc.Halloween is such a interesting time for many reasons, people are usually are drawn to a certain type of costume then. Do you want to be Isis from Egypt? Do you want to be a Doctor? A Gladiator? A Witch?  Ponder on that.

Children are amazing in several ways

dreamstime 28I encourage parents to ask your child who they were in a past life when they are really young, the younger the better and you will be surprised to hear what they have to say. I would say, "So tell me... who were you in a past life? Were you a girl or a boy and what were you doing?"

Sounds crazy doesn't it? You must keep an open mind. The younger our child is, the better it is to teach them to listen to there intuition. Do you ever notice when a child is talking to themself and you ask,"Who are you speaking with?" and they say, "It's my friend."  Yet, they are sitting by themself. They are indeed speaking with spirit; a friend from the spirit world.

In other words, Past Life Readings are very important in order to liberate the soul... to "set the soul free" find peace within with a better understanding of why things keep happening the way they are, why we keep having these so called karmic relationships with friends, and people. Is it not time to resolve these constant issues that we are still struggling with & running from?

The time is now!


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