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Soul Reading & Counseling

Soul Readings are done differently then having a psychic reading for many reasons.

dreamstime 4For example when one goes for a psychic or tarot card reading etc the psychic will tell you what they see coming up for you on a astral energetic level and or your current situation etc,all similar but yet not the same at all. They can tell you things like, I see a relationship coming up in 6 months time and you could end up getting married to this person. Or I see you finding work in 2 weeks time. Its like doing a exam and the psychic gives you the answer to circle and you walk away not knowing what the answer truly means. This is all good and please do not get me wrong with what psychic's are saying to you, because I have readings myself with different psychics at times for a few reasons. How ever there is a big difference etc.I use the information they give me and combine it with what I see and tune into my intuition to make the choices of what is best for me. I appreciate the information they give me etc, as I can see bits and pieces of my own future flashing in front of me.

If we attach to what anyone is telling us, we will not move forward with anything because we are to attached to what they are saying.

dreamstime 5An example is: I see you meeting your soul mate in 6 months time etc.Some of us will attach to that information and put our life on hold and wait to meet this person because we think of what the reader had told us and we walk away and miss out on other opportunities that we need to go through to get us to where we truly need to be, and we may not even meet the person they are telling us about in the first place etc, or when we do meet this person the relationship could be a complete disaster. They do not inform you about what the relationship is truly about, who this person truly is and why this person has indeed come into your life, who they were in your past life with the meaning behind it etc.We can fall down in a painful way and regret it and start pointing our fingers and blaming the reader for providing us with this information when we should indeed be looking at ourselves for attaching to the information in the first place. Don't forget that people come into our lives for many reasons. Just because we are attracted to someone, it does not mean they are our soul mates etc.A soul mate is your mate on the other side, they are not here on earth. You can meet your twin flame here on earth, but not your soul mate. This is where you get confused.

My soul readings are from the ascended master of Christ consciousness through the esoteric Tibetan teacher Djwhal Khul,the ageless wisdom teachings.


I focus on what lessons your soul needs to learn to help you move forward to resolve many issues that are needed to be resolved & still lingering within your cellular memories & past life situations. If we are only looking to find answers and not do the " Soul Work" that is needed, we will keep repeating past patterns and lessons until we have had enough and officially learnt our lessons the hard way. Sometimes we need to go through these difficult challenges to get us to where we need to be in life. When I am doing a Soul Reading, I read into your energy field and your energetic vibration, why you have come here in this life time, what lessons you need to go through, who you were in a past life and what karmic issues still need to be resolved etc.I also read your voice, the voice is the soul that speaks, that's why I have done phone readings for many years now. I do not need to see you in person, its your energy and vibration I read into. I help your soul transform and help you release painful unwanted emotional issues to help you evolve into the being you truly are and to also awaken your true self on a profound level, to awaken your sacred being in other terms. I read into your level of consciousness and connect with you on a vibrational level that you will feel comfortable at to be able to understand what I am saying.

I combine what I see coming up for you in all areas in your life in body, mind and spirit on the higher vibrational mental plane and read into your Aura.

dreamstime 1Your aura contains your lessons, opportunities lost, what issues you need to resolve, your personality, your life themes, past life reincarnations of who you were in a past life, also known as the Akashic Records etc. We carry our energies from our past life through to this life time. It effects us in a huge way in our emotional,physical,spiritual & mental bodies. I give you clarity of what needs to be done in a soul reading in order to clear these issues from our past so we can move forward in a more balanced and harmonious way. You are the only one who can make these changes and change your perceptions etc All I do is to provide you with clarity of what I see in all areas in your life and you are the powerful creator to make that change when you are ready. When we attach to Fear, keep negative thought forms, and are judgemental we are living and thinking with our lower energies which creates more negative energies to come forth in your life. Its called Law Of Attraction. What we think is what we attract and become.

Have you ever been on any anti depressants at all? or feel that a doctor is just giving you non stop medication and you are not seeing any results or feeling worse during and after treatment?

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Its easy for a western doctor to give you a prescription to numb the pain etc, and that is not the answer what so ever. Its just their way of doing things. This is what they are taught in medical school etc. When I read into your energy, I look into your aura & see the lining of your souls being, the root of the situation. Most ailments stems from your past life that you carry forth into your current life because of un resolved karmic issues that need to be cleared, and not to be numbed by medications. This can be done through healings on a holistic manner to loosen up any blocked energy within our auras and chakras . Please do not mis understand what I am saying. We all need medical attention at some point in our life and that's why we have the medical professionals. Your aura can give you information on the condition of your physical body, meaning if any diseases are lingering about or coming forth such as cancer,diabeties for an example etc.We get many signs from spirit if we pay attention.

For example, before a disease comes into your body, it will go through layers of your spiritual, cosmic, nirvanic, astral, etheric bodies before it comes into your physical body. This is why it's important to pay attention to signs and hear your body talk. Are you feeling run down,tired,no energy, lethargic etc ? if we listened to our body, then we would indeed rest and take time out for our self to heal our physical body so we do not end up being sick etc.So please pay attention to your body. I have at times not listened to my body talk and I have paid the price dearly ! Spirit gives us all signs, but it's up to us to pay attention.

Each one of us has some sort of unique gift, the ability to see etc if we really tune into what our soul is telling us.

dreamstime 6Some of us choose to walk away and not listen to our inner voice we only see the illusion and glamour of what we want rather then looking at reality so we do not pay attention to signs from spirit. This is when difficulties start. I will help you expand and enhance your own abilities when you are ready to start your spiritual journey to resolve issues so you can have the life you truly want with attaining a peace of mind in your heart & soul, only when you are ready. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I give you clarity on all questions you may have.

dreamstime 2For instance, if you have sent out a few resumes, or CV"s and you are not sure what job to take when you get that call, I will provide you information on all the jobs that have called you and what will happen with any pre interviews you are going to etc and will then leave the choice up to you to decide what is best for you to go through. We all have choices & decisions to make and if we make a wrong decision, have no worries, you needed to go through that in order to learn from the experience . The truth hurts doesn't it. Maybe you needed to go through that experience to clear past life issues with the situation or person etc.Do you wonder why you haven't met your future partner to be yet ? How can I meet my future partner, mate etc ? Its done through the soul, law of attraction and understanding of how you can attract the right partner etc.When 2 souls fall is love, magic will happen on a profound level. How can I make that happen you may ask ? Is there something that is preventing me from meeting them ? Why do I have conflicts all the time in my life ? What is my life theme ? Why am I here ? Who am I ? What is my souls purpose ? All questions will be answered & given with clarity to help you overcome issues to manifest a more harmonious journey for your soul. Embrace the essence of your souls purpose to live more in the light of your soul !

Namaste with love & light,


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