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Jeni Cousins is an excellent clairvoyant & counselor. She has a wonderful objective-to assist people & make a difference in their lives. She is compassionate, kind, generous, wise & very knowledgeable. She will help people increase their awareness & help them grow as a person. I highly recommend her.

~ Riaz Manji - Author, "A Handbook for the Spiritual Traveler"

Jeni is amazing! I have had several sessions with Jeni & am always amazed at how incredibly accurate her readings are. She always seems to know exactly how to help lead you in the right direction & encourage you to go for what you intuitively really want, even when you are not consciously clear on what that is yet.Jeni helped me tremendously to move back to Vancouver & go to school, which I had wanted to do for a long time, but was very scared to leave my secure job & life in Calgary. It has been one of the best decisions of my life, and it is probably something I wouldn't have done had I not received the feedback I did from Jeni.Everything is going exactly as she said it would, she helped me to find the confidence within myself to achieve my dreams. Thank you Jeni for all your past & continuing help & support!

~ Erin - Vancouver, BC, Canada

I've been consulting with Jeni for a few years now & will be continuing into the future. The last few years have been difficult for me dealing with family illness & various work issues but Jeni always manages to help me put things into perspective. Her insights into the future are accurate & she delivers her message with compassion. She has a sense of humor & is very approachable so if you need a reading you won't be sorry calling her. Jeni is very, very good.

~ Marie - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I have known Jeni for several years, first as a reader & later as a valued friend. I found her to be not only a gifted intuitive reader but also a competent & compassionate counselor. Her assistance has been pivotal in my life many times when I needed to trust & be true to my inner self. This included becoming more spontaneous & expressing my inner fool, that part of myself I needed to nurture in order to have greater balance in my life. She helped me to rekindle my passion for for esoteric studies & pointed me to many helpful books that would build upon what I already knew. I am pleased to add that we attended some new age seminars & meditations together where I not only learned a lot, but experienced a great deal of joy in the process. She is truly one of the most open minded, positive & free spirits that I have ever known. The selfish part of me wants her to remain permanently in Calgary where she is readily available in my time of need. I know however, that with her abilities & skill with people she will continue to shine where ever she may be...

~ Norm - Calgary, Canada

Hello Everyone, for the past 4 years now Jeni has given me clarity in many issues in my life of why things keep happening the way they do with her Spiritual guidance. I have a better understanding & it has helped me in many ways in my life, or how to resolve & clear problems. I would highly recommend Jeni to anyone & am looking forward to when she comes to my country Egypt to finish writing her book so I can show her around.

~ Y. Gad - Alexandrai, Egypt

My name is Ron & I live in beautiful New York City, NY. When 911 took place, my life shattered right in front of me & my family & friends. My good friend died in the Twin Towers that morning. I soon started drinking & went into a deep depression. Many friends & family tried to help me through it but it just made me drink even more. I shut down my company because I could not handle it with my depression & my drinking problem. My marriage was on the rocks as well. One day my friend informed me about Jeni and I decided to call her and within 10 minutes of speaking with her. I was in tears. She knew me inside and out. She told me things about myself that nobody else even knew about me. I felt as if I had known her all my life. Ever since that phone call, my whole life has changed for the better with her Spiritual guidance and compassion. She is truly a gift from God. an Angel from heaven. God Bless You Jeni! New York City welcomes you anytime!

~ Ron - New York City, USA

I heard about Jeni through a relative who had gone to see her after the death of my father in 1999. My relative had difficulties coming to terms with his loss.  After she saw Jeni she had a better understanding for why this had happened & she was more at peace. Jeni had explained to her that we all have a very strong bond with my father. She described this bond in a metaphor "You are like three flowers that grew out of stone." Meaning, our bond will be forever cemented. I was intrigued by the statements that Jeni had made to my aunt & decided to go see her myself. I was astounded with her knowledge of what had happened. It was as if she had watched the whole incident unfold. She also has a truly remarkable insight to me. She told me things that my closest friends & family would not of known. She said how my father's death was the start of my rebirth & the lessons that I had to learn from this tragic event. Since then, I had seen Jeni a few more times. I go when my soul calls me to see her. Jeni is a very beautiful person & I will be eternally grateful for the many gifts she has bestowed upon me. She is a counselor, teacher & a confidant, but most of all a friend.

~ Jenn - Alberta, Canada

I had a major crisis in my life that almost rendered me helpless. Back in January 2004, I first talked to Jeni about her ability to read & guide people. My wife was cheating on me, stealing money from me and trying everything she could to ruin me financially & emotionally. Jeni was able to clarify what my wife was doing & why. She told me what direction I should take & helped me through this painful area in my life with many phone readings & counsellings. I put all of my trust in Jeni & followed her advice. It's 9 month's later & I am looking forward to a rewarding future. I would highly recommend anyone to place trust in Jeni. She will not let you down. Thank You.

~ Mr. Dieb - Arizona, USA

Jeni has been teaching me about who I was in my Past Life and why I am back with the same people I was with in my Past Life.I can now understand why things are happening the way they are over and over again.Jeni has taught me so many things about myself and it has help me in more ways then I can ever imagine.Because of her loving & compassionate nature, I feel very comfortable speaking with her about anything. She has taught me why I came back with the family. I am with from my Past Life in order to clear all the karma with them so I now have a better understanding of why things happen the way they do. I have healed my past with Jeni's love and guidance and am looking forward when she comes back to London UK...She will help heal many many people with all of her years training and experience and knowledge.

~ Kim - London, England, UK

I would highly recommend Jeni to anyone. She has helped me with many business & personal decisions I have had to make in my life and she is very very accurate with her readings and Spiritual guidance. She definitely has a gift to help guide you in the right direction...

~ Ted - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

In the past few years, I've had many phone readings from Jeni and each time I have a reading from her, she blows me away with how incredibly accurate her information is. She has helped me with my business & relationship issues that I've struggled with and I want to thank her for her loving, compassionate, humourious beautiful soul she is. I've been to a few readers over the years and will not see anyone else. Jeni is the real thing !

~ James - Los Angeles, California, USA

Thank You for everything that you have done to help my family and I out Jeni. When mom passed away it effected us all so traumatically that we all have troubles dealing with such a painful loss. We all cried and laughed when you started giving us messages from mom from heaven. You have deeply touched each one of us with your compassionate & loving beautiful person that you are. I cannot believe what information you gave to all of us from my mother. It gave all of us a sense of peace knowing that mum is in peace and looking over us all. Then when you picked up on my uncle George and the message he gave to us, we all started laughing and felt at ease. If you come back to London, England you're very welcome to stay with the family !

~ Susie - London, England, UK

To anyone who has not seen Jeni you must book an appointment with her. Her energy and personality is incredibly positive and she has helped me through many difficulties that I've had to deal with in my life. I would not ever consider going to see anyone else because anytime I've spoken to her on the phone or Skype she amazes me each and every time and gives me so much clarity I feel like weights have lifted off my shoulders because of how she explains to me why this has happened and also how to fix the situation. My life has changed immensely due to Jeni's help and guidance.

~ Brenda - Ottawa, Canada

Thank You Thank You Jeni for helping me through the most difficult time in my life. Your loving guidance and positive support has made a huge difference in my life. I now understand what past life really is about and how important it was for me to know who I was. I know I had so much karma to clear, thank you for teaching me how to do it. Things are much better now and Im going to book another appointment with you again !

~ John - Colorado, USA

Aloha Jeni and Mahalo for being so honest and blunt. I needed to hear the truth about my marriage. You confirmed to me what I felt all along and helped me through this difficult hardship and helped me understand who my husband was in my past life and why we were brought back together in this life. Your a real angel and so gifted with all the spiritual knowledge you have. It's incredible. Because of you, I am now doing my healings and loving every minute of my new life..Mahalo Jeni ! You're the best! Looking forward to when you come back to the island of Hawaii. xo

~ Vivian - Hawaii, USA

I met Jeni a few years ago and instantly felt a strong bond with her immediately. I fell in love with her personality and the strength she has. She told me things she has been through in life and the tears came out of me and caught me off guard. I could not believe what pain and struggles Jeni has been through. She is such a positive person who has compassion for other's and she has such a huge heart for humanity & animals. She told me never to judge anyone as they are struggling with their own souls journey and may not have any positive guidance from anyone to help them understand. Back then I was such a negative, judgemental person who had a serious drug addiction. My family threw me out of the house, I was stealing money to survive. I was a bad boy. Jeni did not judge me at all, she has changed my way of thinking and my life in so many ways. I want to thank you for all your love and support. You have saved my life.

~ Roger - Calgary, AB

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