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The Blessings Of The Full Moons This Summer 2015

The Blessings OF The Full Moon this summer 2015

So how has everyone's summer been ? We sure have had an amazing hot summer here in Calgary its been very hot indeed ! July brought in 2 full moons which gave us the opportunity to clear emotional issues that needed to be resolved within your soul etc,The full moon on July 31 was the "Blue Moon" Full Moon which represented relationships on all levels & forms etc. Full moons represent endings & also new beginnings with things. We have soul contracts with everyone karmically.Every full moon I take advantage of what emotions come up that still need to be healed & or resolved etc,thats why we have full moons every month to help us move forward in a huge way if we are ready to do so etc.The worse thing you can do is to walk away when there is opportunity presented to you from spirit. You cannot run from things it only follows you etc.Its important to reflect back upon the past 30 days of the full moon & see what lessons your soul has taught you .What lessons you do not learn from will come back until you have finally learnt the hard way.


shane for websiteI was blessed to have my son Shane move back from BC to Calgary on August 2.What perfect timing for spirit to bring him back during the energies of the Blue Moon. Within that same week Shane had 2 interviews & was offered both jobs and accepted the 2nd job with great opportunities for him. He then moved in with my nephew Ben and had stayed with me for 9 days, we had a chance to catch up on things etc.I wanted Shane to live with Ben as he is a Zen type guy, very calm energy & has a genuine heart. Everything seemed to flow perfectly in order. I made sure he had everything he needed to get settled and look forward to spending more time with him etc.

My TV show "Soul Work" starts back up live on Shaw TV on Sept 9 Channel 10 at 6:30 PM in Calgary.Ive been very busy booking amazing guests to come on. If you have missed any of the shows have no worries all shows are on Utube under Jeni Cousins.This is my 3rd season filming now. I also registered my new filming production company called "Soul Work Productions". I will be doing documentaries & one on one interviews etc locally & aboard plus other projects that are true & dear to my heart & soul. I am very excited about my new adventures.

On Saturdays I am at Self Connection Books at 4611 Bowness RD NW from 12-5 PM doing readings. If you would like to book an appointment to see me on Saturdays you call call them at 403 284 1486,or send me a email through my website to book another date day with me etc.

With Love & Light,



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