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The Rainbow Bridge 2014 & Into 2015

mactavish nakitaHello everyone, its been a while since I put up a blog on my website. Many changes have happened in my life since then. Last year in 2014,I lost 7 friends who passed away & also my beloved soul mate MacTavish my Irish wolfhound. MacTavish was not even 4 years old. Everything happened so quick .It was very traumatizing for both Nakita and I. It was a very challenging year for me to say the least filled with alot of sadness in my heart & soul. I spent alot of alone time to do some deep soul searching to reflect back upon my journey. Loosing so many friends & my beloved soul mate MacTavish gave me a bigger reality how precious life really is etc.We don't know how long we are here on earth & its important to share our feelings with others. When was the last time you gave someone a hug & thanked them for being in your life ? or said I Love You ? We sometimes take life for granted..


When I lost my Irish wolfhound it really shattered me in a huge way for many reasons. He was my life line, my heart & soul, my soul mate. It all happened so fast etc.MacTavish helped me through many hard times when I lived in Ireland & brought me back to Canada to re start my life & healed me in a huge way. He gave me hope & faith that I had lost & opened up my heart again for a profound healing. MacTavish was a healer in many ways. To give you an example, one night I was having troubles sleeping, I had alot on my mind & I woke up around 3 am to see him standing at the door of my guest bedroom where I was sleeping that night. He had a bright light circled around his head of a halo. I started rubbing my eyes as I thought I was still half asleep and thought I must of left a light on or some type of a reflection some how. But I then realized I was awake & no lights were on etc.It was 3 am after all. I felt LOVE coming from him & he came over & put his head on my heart & his love energy went right through my entire body, I had tears in my eyes filled with warmth & love & I calmed down immediately. He then gave me a sloppy kiss & jumped into bed with me. If anyone who knows the size of a Irish wolfhound he is a huge dog weighing over 200 pounds lol & I was sleeping in a single bed. We both were snuggled up with each other & I had a wonderful sleep. We always shared the same pillow. I used long body pillows for that reason .

I decided to go to Hawaii in August 2014 for a healing, it was 8 years since I last went. I needed to get away & be surrounded by water. Water represents emotions & I knew that I had to heal & get back grounded as filming started back up in September for my live TV show Soul Work on Shaw TV. We take a summer break and this was my only chance to get away etc. I went to Maui for a week then went to Waikiki for 10 days. I met some amazing new friends Helene & Angela. Helene & I went on some interesting & fun adventures on the island & I treasure my soul sister dearly ,we sure had alot of fun. Helene introduced me to Angela who is also from my past life & we instantly connected when I met her, they sure helped me through my healing process in many ways & I thank both of them dearly & look forward to my return. Many Mahalos to you both filled with plenty of Aloha xoxo.

MacTavish my wolfhound birthday was on August 24 & I decided to go to the Honolulu Zoo & celebrate his birthday with the animals. I was still struggling over his passing & I came upon the elephants & waited until the crowd of people left where it was just myself. The elephants were not facing me & I started to communicate with the male ,he turned around & started walking towards me and he told me that MacTavish is OK and how I will be just fine. He said that MacTavish is always with me & I burst into tears. I stayed with him for a bit then started walking away when more people started to come up. I was over whelmed. My healing in Hawaii was difficult trying to keep a smile on my face, I was very numb most of the time in Hawaii and missed my other dog Nakita and wanted to get back to be with her. Because I was holding in my tears & grief it caused me to get very sick. Grief weakens the lungs & I had a bad cough etc. This is why we must come to terms & face our emotions head on etc.So the last few days I spent in Honolulu I was in my room. My dear friend Kevin stayed at my house looking after Nakita. She was a rescue puppy half Chihuahua, Pekinese mix.Nakita took MacTavish passing very hard & I knew then that she was on borrowed time as she started to deteriorate.

rick dad holding photo.jpgwebsiteI made some changes on my TV show Soul Work & now have a new co host starting in my 3 rd season . The first show of the season starts back up on September 9 2015. My new co host is Rick Titan. He was a previous WWF & WWE Wrestler, was on Dancing With The Stars & in a movie etc.Rick teaches workshops, does public speaking & has a book out on anger management & also has a meditation CD.Rick is a wonderful caring compassionate man who helps many come to terms with their own anger & emotions etc. He works from his heart centre helping many others. I sure have a great connection with him. Rick made the time to come visit my dad with me who lives in Claresholm Alberta at his nursing home. My dad is 93 years old. Rick knew the health condition my dad is in & he wanted to be there for me, he was the one who insisted that he come with me. Now that is unconditional love from his heart. My dads roommate is 103 years old & another 2 elderly seniors came into the room,& before we knew it, we had a seniors party going on lol.Ricks website is ..All shows of Soul Work are also on Utube under Jeni Cousins, so if you've missed any from the past 2 years you can watch them there. Soul Work is live every Wednesday on Shaw TV at 6:30 PM on the access network Channel 10 .You can look forward to catching all the new shows with Rick & I. Stay tuned we have a great new season lined up !

You can also catch me at Self Connection Books on Saturdays from 12-5 PM.Their address is 4611 Bowness Rd NW in Calgary, you can call them & book an appointment with me for a reading at 403 284-1486,or you can send me a email through my website to book another time & date

I moved back to Sunnyside NW down by Kensington in March 2015 and moved into the building I wanted as they allow small dogs. I wanted to be here for my Nakita.My other furry soul mate. As I write this, I have tears in my eyes & a very heavy heart as I had to put Nakita down on Tuesday June 23 2015.I knew I was on borrowed time with her for a long time and after the vet took X-rays on her back, I knew what I had to do. She was attacked by my neighbours dog & I knew she was done. I could no longer watch her suffer. She was my rescue baby for almost 12 years. AKA known as The Wee White Doggie. I know she is with her best friend MacTavish,I called upon him to greet her & I felt his presence come into the vets when I was there etc.Later that afternoon, I felt Nakitas energy very light & over joyed with love & excitement that she was back with MacTavish.Her energy went right throughout my entire being filled with peace knowing she is happy & free of all pain. Now the healing starts again with me....I am Peace ..Peace is Within Me........Namaste.

Its important to have faith regardless of what type of situation you are in. This is when god challenges us during the hardest times ...I have always surrendered to my higher self & to the holy spirit...When we share our heart we share our soul. When we share our soul we share our heart. Our wounds makes us stronger. I have called myself for many years for many reasons..."The Fearless Warrior Walks Forward Fearlessly" . What we fear holds you back. You must surrender your soul into sacred silence to hear your soul speak to get messages from the holy spirit. Listen to your inner guru within your being. When we pray its a very sacred act which will bring peace & solitude into your heart. Then surrender ! There is alot of power in stillness & silence. Allow the eternal healing presence of the holy spirit to flow throughout your entire being & allow love to enter. Keep your heart open .When we shift our mind from fear to love miracles happen.

Its very important to stay in the now.Dont worry about your future so much. You must align your thoughts with spirit & have faith & think positive. Stay away from any & all drama. Keep yourself surrounded with people that treat you with dignity & respect on a very positive energetic level. Each day say a positive mantra especially if you have any challenges you know that you have to resolve that day etc. The more we do positive mantras & affirmations the more results you will see etc because your aligning your thoughts with spirit. Never surrender your inner peace for anything or anyone ! When your heart & mind are aligned together as one, you will see clarity & hear messages from your soul. When you listen to your heart & not your ego fear will fade away. Love is the strongest force in the universe. Speak truth from your heart ! Stay true to who you are ! Love yourself unconditionally ! Put aside fear & embrace peace ! Set your intentions to the fullest & watch miracles happen !

Sending love & light from my heart & soul to your heart & soul. May peace be with you !




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